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The Changing World

Nature has pressed the reset button with COVID-19 pandemic and we all are experiencing a changed world. A world where individuals, societies, organizations, businesses and governments will have to also press the reset button. Life would not remain the same. These are unprecedented times and require each one of us take unprecedented steps going forward. Few of the things that this pandemic has taught us are:
  • how to be self dependant
  • how to live life with bare minimum resources
  • respect for nature
  • time to look within ourself

The new world will demand the NEW US from us.


who will be a GIVER more than the TAKER. Someone who will have a great sense of respect for nature. The new individual will be focused to live a simple life with minimum requirements and would happily give his extra piece to the person in need.


which will be learn a new way of living. A living which will be conscious of building a society equal for all. A society which will respect all religions, cultures and beliefs


which will have new goals and objectives. Which will not only care for profits but will also care for social good and equality for all by achieving income parities. A new business will respect its employees for their work life balance, health and happiness.


which will focus to support all sections of its people, reduce income disparities, create programs to for upskilling its people and providing them a source for their living. Governments which will be less corrupt and more dedicated to their people.

CorePeelers Foundation is committed to work with all sections of the society across the world to add value to each segment and create a better world.

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